Owning a car comes with the responsibility of maintenance and repair. There are times when the smallest repairs can turn out to be very expensive. However, there are times when an auto mechanic shop can overcharge you, do for you a needless repair work or do you service with poor workmanship. All these are overall bad experiences you may have or you’re likely to come across if you don’t be cautious. To avoid the stress associated with vehicle repair and maintenance, you need to find an honest auto mechanic shop that you can trust your vehicle with. You need to trust your vehicle to a shop with trained technicians who do high-quality work. Is it time to find another auto mechanic shop? Here’s what to look for – a big thank you to our friends over at Scott’s Rods Performance Exhaust & Mechanical for their advice in this article.

Lack Certification

Certifications from known bodies such as the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence are signs of a reputable shop. Although it is a requirement in every state, such a certification is considered as a requirement for mechanics to be employed by a reputable auto mechanic shop. The certification is a safeguard for you. It is a sign that the mechanics in that shop have professional training in automotive repair. If the auto repair shop doesn’t show you the certification, you better go running.  

The Shop Doesn’t Offer Warranty on The Services Provided

Good auto mechanic shops will always offer a guarantee for their work. Great mechanics will stand behind their work while guaranteeing the services provided. Most warranties have a time frame of 90 days, but sometimes longer. You should ensure you get the warranty in writing so as to stay protected against faulty mechanics. Never Stay clear of mechanics who cannot stand behind their work.

Makes Repair Mistakes

One of the frustrating experiences we face is paying someone to complete a certain task only to realize the job wasn’t done properly or it was worsened. If the shop you take your vehicle doesn’t ensure your problem is completely fixed, you need to consider your options. You need an auto repair shop that will fix your vehicle completely and not halfway or make it worse. Has your auto mechanic forgotten to replace the air filter after an oil change? Have they ever forgot to tighten bolts after tire rotation? These are some of the experiences that you should run away from.

They Use Pressure Tactics

Bad mechanics will always try to pressure you into having more work done than you actually need. Reputable auto mechanics shops will always have technicians that will give proper recommendations for your vehicle and give you the chance to make the decision. You should never be pressured by the mechanic to get more work done on your car than you had planned or approved prior. If they try to scare you into fixing minor repairs right then, you should consider them as a bad auto mechanic shop. Take your time to decide what should be repaired.

Benefits Of Regular Car Maintenance and Service

Regular car service is necessary to keep your car safely on the roads and to increase its usability. Skipping a service now and again isn’t too much of a problem, but any good car mechanic will tell you that you shouldn’t make it a habit.

Getting your car serviced by a mechanic is now just a phone call away as you can call in for mobile car servicing. The mobile car mechanic comes to your home or workplace and performs the service right then and there. Mobile car repairs and services make it a lot easier for people who work at home or for those who don’t have the time to take their car to the car shop. Here are very good reasons to use mobile car servicing today.

Periodic car servicing prevents damage from escalating

Getting your car regularly serviced gives you a better chance of finding problems which if ignored, can turn into expensive repairs. Your mobile car mechanic can identify any problem that needs to be fixed or that may become a bigger problem in the future. Finding problems during your service can help avoid accidents or a costly repair bill.

Keep your car in good condition and extends its life

Regular maintenance and service are essential in getting your car in good condition for a long time. Oftentimes, we see cars that need big repairs, simply because the car did not have a proper servicing schedule. The simple oil change is vital to the life of your vehicle and ignoring will affect the engine performance.

Mobile Truck Repairs – How Do Diesel Mechanics Work?

mobile diesel mechanical lyttonThe life of a diesel mechanic is not as easy as most think. They need to love their field or else, your vehicle will not run as smoothly as you want it to be. A diesel mechanic work long hours depending on what your car needs and if they work for a dealership or workshop, they have to arrive in before the shop opens up to ensure that everything is in order.

The Daily Routine of a Diesel Mechanic

Preparation. The day starts early for a mechanic whether they have their own workshop, owns a mobile diesel workshop or works for one. They will need to prepare their toolbox which includes a variety of repair and testing equipment.

Order and keep inventory in place. Before the day starts, they will need to order the necessary engine parts they may need and keep an inventory of the parts they still have. If they see that they don’t have a part they need for an upcoming job, they will order it right away.

Prioritising tasks. Once the shop opens, they may already have a job waiting for them that they have not finished the night before or as soon as the doors open. Part of their job is to prioritize tasks. They will often find customers who will make them feel a sense of urgency to have their vehicles be prioritized especially from truck drivers or fleet managers, as these depend on their trucks to make a living. In most cases, these mechanics understand these emergencies and will prioritise commercial customers over personal vehicles.

A mechanics life is never dull and is very rewarding so if you are interested in this field there are a lot of opportunities for growth.

Carbon Fibre Accessories – A Cool Modification Among Car Enthusiasts

mobile car repairs tivoliMany car enthusiasts choose to add car accessories for style and comfort. This will include changing some parts of their cars and putting carbon fibre accessories. Adding carbon fibre to the interior or exterior of the car is known beneficial especially if you are after the speed and lightness.

Adding carbon fibre accessories to your car will have an extraordinary carbon textured finish since this material is made of automotive grade premium with high-quality cast UV resistant vinyl. Carbon fibre is most commonly added to top-quality cars that make your car a great candidate for such accessory.

Carbon fibre materials are commonly used in aircraft and racing cars instead of steel since this composite is fifty percent lighter than steel and thirty percent lighter than aluminium.

Some may just see that the advantage of using carbon fibre accessories is all about its lightness. In fact, with their ability to be lightweight, it is also known for its tough exterior that can resist disfigurement during impact. The use of carbon fibre materials can reduce unwanted weight and increase strength that is not common with aluminium or steel.

Adding carbon fiber accessories is the next logical step to any upgrades for your car since it will just create better and greater performance to the vehicle. There are so many parts of your car that you can do upgrades or add carbon fibre so it will also not matter if you are driving an old model or a new one since these accessories are available for most cars.

You can find stylish yet functional exterior carbon fibre accessories like grills, hoods, spoilers and more. They all create a unique look to your car and add significant performance upgrade. There are also carbon fibre dash kits made for interior specifications, which would allow you to add more carbon fibre to their interior. You can literally put carbon fibre accessories in any part of your car as long as you find it useful.

If you are truly in love with your car and would just want to add that elegant style and power, you may want to consider adding carbon fibre accessories to your car. They are definitely a nice addition to your car.

Signs Your Radiator Needs Repair

mobile car repairs walloonHow do you tell if your radiator needs a car mechanic for repair? Actually, the gauge on your dashboard will give you a high reading with the temperature warning light turning on which will indicate that the cooling system has some problems. This could indicate that the radiator or other components have a problem.

Before calling a mechanic, you can check first if the coolant is the one leaking. While the engine is cool, check the coolant level in the radiator. If there is only too little coolant coming in the cooling system, this could cause overheating.

Check your radiator if you are losing coolant as it may have a leak which you could probably spot. Check the radiator from every angle and see if there is also a puddle underneath. Also, rust and holes from road debris can cause the coolant to leak. Even if your radiator is made from aluminium and won’t rust, but this can also corrode and create leaks as well.

Other telltale signs that you may need a mechanic to fix your radiator is when you can’t see coolant dripping or seeping from the antifreeze, which is mostly coloured green, yellow, or pinkish-red with a sweet smell. Check the radiator for any discolouration, tracks and rust.

If the radiator looks alright and you still can’t find the leak, visit a mechanic since there may be several possibilities for leaks that you may not be seeing such as the hoses from the radiator, water pump, thermostat, heater core, and so on.

How to Find a Reliable Car Mechanic

No one wants to be driving on the road and the car overheats. Then once you go to a car mechanic, you’ll find out that he is telling you more problems which you are really unsure if that is really the case.

It is just common to want security and safety when driving, so you’d probably accept his diagnosis and let him fixed what he told you to need fixing, but when the bill comes, you will just be surprised about the cost you need to pay.
Can you really trust your auto mechanic to give you the right evaluation for your vehicle? Of course, you can! But you really have to find someone you know won’t lie to you.

car mechanic

Also, here are some tips that you should know so you won’t get lost in translation.

Know your car. Most of us actually do not understand when a mechanic starts discussing the anatomy of our car. Like when he says, “The belt needs replacing”, “The brake fluid is running low” and so on. And probably, you will just start nodding, thinking that your mechanic will feel you understand what he is saying.

If you really want to find a good mechanic, better know how your car operates. You actually do not have to fix it yourself, just search on Google and even read teen books about cars and you might get some useful insights that you can use.

Do You Own Research

It is inevitable that in some cases, some mechanics will grossly ask for more money and charge you for a 2-hour work which they only did for half an hour and say that they did more than you asked them.

To stop them from ripping you off, do your research again and ask Google about the repair they did which should include your make, car model and year. Find out how long the repair mostly takes by reading and joining on forums.

Typically, you want to find a price that is mostly in the middle without the feeling that you are not really getting what you really paid for. Once you find a good and trusted mechanic, you will eventually go back to that person and trust him from here on out.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Servicing Intervals

delaying service intervals

It might be tempting to delay a service on your car or truck, but it really isn’t that cost effective. It becomes a false economy due to inefficiencies in the running of your vehicle.


If you let the vehicle run over its service interval, items such as spark plugs can start to burn out, or even the glow plugs on your diesel vehicle.  Other items such as cabin air filters can seriously affect the condition of the air that’s circulated by your air conditioning system too.  This can be detrimental to the health of you and your passengers or family.


Other safety items also need to be considered.  Imagine if your brakes failed because the brake pads wear down quicker than expected, or even your suspension components – if they aren’t operating correctly, they can cause excessive tyre wear on your car, which is just going to cost you big money to replace.


Oil sludge & build up is another very important issue to consider.  You don’t want that old oil circulating through your car engine, especially if it’s getting old & tacky.  The texture of the oil can start to solidify a little, and it then appears as to form a gel like consistency.  I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you have reasonably fresh oil lubricating your engine components.  


Replacing engine blocks, pistons & other seized components can often cost more than your car is worth.  And this sort of failure is definitely not covered by your car insurance or warranty if you’ve let your car run over the recommended service interval.