Why You Shouldn’t Delay Servicing Intervals

delaying service intervals

It might be tempting to delay a service on your car or truck, but it really isn’t that cost effective. It becomes a false economy due to inefficiencies in the running of your vehicle.


If you let the vehicle run over its service interval, items such as spark plugs can start to burn out, or even the glow plugs on your diesel vehicle.  Other items such as cabin air filters can seriously affect the condition of the air that’s circulated by your air conditioning system too.  This can be detrimental to the health of you and your passengers or family.


Other safety items also need to be considered.  Imagine if your brakes failed because the brake pads wear down quicker than expected, or even your suspension components – if they aren’t operating correctly, they can cause excessive tyre wear on your car, which is just going to cost you big money to replace.


Oil sludge & build up is another very important issue to consider.  You don’t want that old oil circulating through your car engine, especially if it’s getting old & tacky.  The texture of the oil can start to solidify a little, and it then appears as to form a gel like consistency.  I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you have reasonably fresh oil lubricating your engine components.  


Replacing engine blocks, pistons & other seized components can often cost more than your car is worth.  And this sort of failure is definitely not covered by your car insurance or warranty if you’ve let your car run over the recommended service interval.

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